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Sagenet provides service coverage throughout the United States, southern Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The Sagenet SkyEdge platform is the cost effective solution that specializes in multi-site enterprises that require superior service to meet mission critical requirements.

Prysm Pro

Modular. Scalable. Customizable.

Sagenet’s Prysm Pro helps multi-site organizations meet custom application requirements and streamline corporate-wide network management processes.

SkyEdge II IP

Complete IP routing in a small footprint device

Compact design, two-way DVB-S2 and RCS VSAT that is ideal for fast throughput for multimedia applications, large file delivery and extremely rapid access to the Web.

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SkyEdge Armadillo

All weather ruggedized VSAT modem for harsh environments

Integrated and durable weatherproof VSAT that provides fast, secure and reliable networking solution for customers in any location.

Transportable Solutions

Sagenet transportable solutions offer all the benefits of fixed VSAT networking with the ability to go virtually anywhere and deploy in a matter of minutes.  Sagenet offers its unique transportable service options for use in a wide range of application environments, delivering high-reliability services with just the push of a button.

Cisco iComm ‘Instant Communications’ Kit

The iComm kit offers a completely integrated bundle of Cisco gear for delivering and managing multiple local wired and wireless data and voice communications platforms. Combined with Sagenet’s auto-acquisition antenna and Connexstar services, it provides the ability to deploy a mobile communications command post virtually anywhere in the United States. iComm is ideal for state and local governments, public safety agencies, and enterprises.

Sageenet Emergency Communications Vehicle

Sagenet’s Emergency Communications Vehicle integrated with its high-performance satellite services is a valuable solution to support the mission-critical requirements for disaster recovery and first responder organizations. The vehicle represents a transportable ‘command post’ and provides converged data, voice, and video communications that can be deployed in ten minutes or less.

Sagenet ION Instant Communications Solution

Sagenet ION instant communications solution provides transportable and rapidly deployable communications for emergency response mobile units. ION is a self-contained semi-rugged solution and is a less expensive alternative to competing higher end transportable services. The solution is based on Spacenet’s custom and pre-packaged Connexstar satellite services; SkyEdge platform; and auto-acquire or fixed antenna.