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iDirect’s product lines integrate a wide variety of hardware, software and services seamlessly into a complete satellite communications platform. The Intelligent Platform(TM) combines innovative technology and intelligent routing of IP data to support all your networking requirements for bandwidth, location, satellite frequency, topology or application.

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Evolution X5 Satellite Router

The Evolution X5 is a powerful, next-generation satellite router featuring dual-mode operation of DVB-S2/ACM or iNFINITI? TDM on the outbound. The X5 is specifically designed to support business-critical, broadband applications such as enterprise connectivity, cellular backhaul, maritime and other mobile applications.

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Evolution X7 Satellite Router

The X7 series are built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system and optimized to deliver best-in-class DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA performance. Its broadband capacity makes it uniquely suited for a range of demanding enterprise voice and data services.

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