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C- Stores

Convenience stores and box business typically have a large number of sites over a geographically dispersed area. Satellite allows for all sites, regardless of location, to be on a single network. This makes network management and availability infinitely easier than trying to ad-hoc communications through various local terrestrial providers. At AstrumSat you get a Program Manager, not a 1-800 number and a customer ID.

PCI Compliance

Mandatory with piece of mind. Our networks meet Level I PCI DSS Compliance so this means that cardholder data stays secure keeping your customers happy and business safe.

Technology Available

AstrumSat doesn’t just supply satellite. We are uniquely positioned to incorporate DSL, cable, fixed wireless and EVDO technologies, as well as traditional voice, dedicated T1 circuits, and MPLS services when needed. We take these different mediums and integrate them into a single managed network. We take care of the bandwidth so you can take care of your business.